TomCat (FatCat) Tree Climber Stand
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We pride ourselves in high quality, comfortable and affordable tree stands.
TomCat Tree Climbers are lightweight, durable (welded construction),
comfortable, easy to use, and affordable.  Backpacking straps are included with each climber.
“Since 1981”
•Backpacking Straps (Included)
•Safety Ring (Optional for Tom Cat I)
•All Climbers have teeth-like spurs that bite into the bark which makes the stand durable and safe.
•Made in the USA

TomCat    FatCat

The FatCat is approximately 3 inches wider and longer than the TomCat II.  Weighing approximately 29 lbs. this climber is designed for bow and gun hunting.  Like all TomCat models, the FatCat attaches to the tree very easily using adjustable slide-in hooks and pins. Each TomCat model utilizes cat like teeth to dig into the bark.  As with the TomCat II, you can choose to sit facing the tree, or by using the slide out seat, sit with your back to the tree.  The seat can be easily adjusted by hand, by using the easy to grip thumb screws. FatCat maximum weight limit is 300 lbs.


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TomCat (FatCat) Tree Climber Stand

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